Monday, September 7, 2009

Mi Lindo Yucatan

Today, Porgy and I went to Mi Lindo Yucatan in the Mission District. I've been wanting to try it out because I heard good things about it. Since we were not too hungry, we decided to get an appetizer sampler to share, chicken soup and soursop horcata. My Mom usually makes me fresh soursop juice when I go home so having soursop horcata totally brought back memories of home. I really enjoyed my mid afternoon snack at this place - good food, very reasonably price, friendly staff who is proud of the food that she's serving. I will definitely come back here again to try out their other dishes.

Platillo "Mi Lindo Yucatan", a combination platter with Tamales, Panuchos, Salbutes, Flautas, Chilindrinas, Empanadas and Polcanes.

  • Tamales: Corn meal dough stuffed with chicken mixed with traditional yucatecan sauce, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed
  • Panuchos: Fried home made tortilla stuffed with black bean puree. Topped with grilled chicken, cabbage, tomato, pickled red onions and avocado.
  • Salbutes: Fried tortilla puffs topped with grilled chicken, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, pickled red onions and avocado.
  • Flautas: Fried taquitos stuffed with chicken. Served with tomatillo sauce, sour cream and crumbled queso fresco.
  • Chilindrinas: Crisp tortilla packets with hard boiled eggs and spinach. Served with tomato sauce and cheese.
  • Empanadas: Corn dough stuffed with ground beef and topped with tomato sauce.
  • Polcanes: Corn meal dumplings stuffed with a mixture of lima beans and crushed pumpkin seeds. Served with pickled red onions.
Sopa del Dia, chicken soup with pickled red onion and cabbage.

FYI, taking pictures using iPhone in this restaurant is a bit tricky because the restaurant wall is bright lime green with some turquoise-hint color. I had to photoshop the pictures to balance the colors. Next time I go there, I'll make sure to bring a digital camera!


  1. wow i`m from yucatán and i really miss the food (i don`t live there anymore) it was nice to stumble with comida yucateca in a blog that's not even mexican. Hope you liked it. Besos.

  2. :) .... chilindrinas are not like that... everything else is very similar.... looks nice! i hope you enjoyed it!