Wednesday, July 1, 2009


On the way back from lunch today, I walked past Rickhouse, the new bar from Bourbon & Branch folks. While peaking through the windows, the manager (Brian, the guy on the right with the blue shirt and blazer on the 2nd picture) was nice enough to invite us in to check out the place. It was bigger, super nice and definitely has a different feel than Ginger's (i.e. not hole-in-the-wall at all). He said that it will open today (Wednesday, July 1st) at 5pm as mentioned on Eater SF article yesterday. I am contemplating whether I should skip gym today and go to Rickhouse instead. Oh yeah... the drink menu booklet is pretty darn nice too. It's leather bound and nicely design!

The main bar at the front

In the back...

View from the back to the front of the bar

Note: Again iPhone pictures... not the best quality but good enough.

7/1/09 Review: Went there after work ... The bar and the staff were nice and the drink menu was extensive (maybe a bit too ambitious?). It took us awhile to get our drinks but it's understandable because it was their first day after all. I enjoyed the Capricorn drink (made with Javanese Arak liquor) but Porgy didn't enjoy his Mint Julep since there's only a couple of sips in the glass and it's 90% crushed ice. I will definitely go back there again in a month or so to give them time to work out the kinks before making my final take on Rickhouse. The concept reminds me Clover Club in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn — hopefully, in time, it will be as good. We all still miss Ginger's though.

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