Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heaven's Dog

A couple months ago, Mo-Fo, ShunBun and I went to Heaven's Dog for lunch. It's one of Charles Phan's newer San Francisco restaurants that focuses on Northern Chinese cuisine. I forgot to blog my visit there until today after seeing these pictures on my iPhone.

The lunch started well as we had the Pisco Apricot Tropical and Bumble Bee Cocktail. Both of them were very well made, super refreshing and gave me a nice buzz.

We ordered Braised Pork Belly in Clam Shell Bun and Scallion Pancakes for appetizer. I love the crisp and salty scallion pancakes and their braised pork belly in clam shell bun was a close second to Momofuku's. I'm so happy that I can find these yummy buns here in San Francisco.

For the main course, I had the Shrimp Wonton Soup (with pork char siu, crackling, thin egg noodle) while Mo-Fo had the Beef Noodle Soup (slow cooked short rib, choy sum, wide rice noodle) and ShunBun had the Timmy's Beef (niman flank steak, ginger, scallion, jalapeno, wide egg noodle). Of course, I had a taste of their food and I enjoyed all of them.

Heaven's Dog is definitely a great place for lunch since it has high quality and delicious food with reasonable prices. I will definitely go back there some time in the near future and I will for sure bring my camera.

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