Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tokyo - Part 2

Finally I have some free time to catch up with my blog... a month later! I thought I would not be too busy after I got back from my vacation but I was wrong as both work and my new aquarium had been keeping me on my toes - who knows setting up an ADA aquarium would be that hard (and costly too).

Anyway, here is the second part of my blog entry on my trip to Tokyo. I was so excited to be in Tokyo because it is such a beautiful and lively city and of course because there were so many delicious food to try. Sometimes we had difficulties ordering food because most (smaller) restaurants don't have English menu and either of us speak Japanese AND that the Porgy is allergic to seafood. Fortunately, some of our friends do speak Japanese so when we ate with them, we did not have to worry about using an EpiPen on Porgy afterward.

Izakaya in Shinjuku Sanchome: Ground chicken satay and daikon fries, Chicken karaage, Fried chicken and cheese (katsu style), and Pan friend Japanese potatoes.

Cute street food vendors

Maisen, great restaurant specializing in Tonkatsu. It's located in an old bath-house. I had a Kurobuta pork tonkatsu.

Neyn, a yummy and super cute donut shop in Midtown Roppongi district.

All you can eat Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki in Shibuya.
Lunch at Roppongi: Grilled fish for me and Oyako-don for Porgy.

Kanda Yabu Soba in Marunochi district: Duck Soba, Unagi Soba and Buckwheat Mochi

Toriyoshi, a Yakitori place near Harajuku.

Espresso martini, Manhattan and Grilled cheese sandwich at New York Bar (Park Hyatt Tokyo).

Fantastic ramen place underneath Shinjuku Station: Shoyu ramen and Gyoza.


  1. Nice !
    Very delicious food... :)
    Next time invite me too.

  2. the pictures are soooo mouthwatering! haha